Cloud Migration Service: 4 Week Implementation

Logicalis Solutions

The Logicalis Cloud Migration Services provides a proven approach for migrating your existing data center environment to Azure, and leverages our Azure Expert MSP certified Cloud Adoption Framework.

The Logicalis Cloud Migration Services provide the skilled services necessary to successfully migrate your application workloads to Azure. This service leverages Logicalis's Cloud Adoption Framework with 5 phases: 1. Strategy 2. Plan 3. Prepare 4. Migrate 5. Operate. The Framework incorporates a full Security and Governance methodology across all phases.

On engagement, the migration services project will utilize information gathered via Azure Service Map to group applications by risk and complexity, within application migration groups which are then broken down into migration stages agreed to by the customer. Customers environments will be migrated by either an Application, Database, Server or Workload basis, depending on the requirements gathered.

Migration run sheets are developed to group the workloads by application and migration stage that were agreed upon previously. They also contain the testing plans for migrated workloads.

The output is a successfully migrated application, along with documentation that contains: (1) Approach taken (Migrate, Refactor, Rearchitect, Rebuild or Decommission) (2) Application Discovery & Categorization (3) Migration Toolsets (4) Backup and Recovery (5) Monitoring (6) Application Discovery