LTIMindtree Azure VMware Solution - 2 Weeks PoC

LTIMindtree Limited

Accelerate your Cloud Adoption Journey using Microsoft AVS partnering with LTIMindtree to achieve high-performance, well architected and cost optimized cloud adoption.

LTIMindtree AVS Solution - VMware On-Premise migration to Azure using AVS

Accelerate your Cloud Adoption Journey using Microsoft AVS partnering with LTIMindtree

LTIM provides end to end solution for migrating on Prem infrastructure to Azure. With this solution LTIM offers end to end - Assessment, Design/Plan, Migration/ Validation, management and operation of client infra in AVS. LTIM will Work with Microsoft to Setup Target AVS, prepare Target Architecture, Setup migration environment. As an LTIM Customer, customer can will be benefitted with POC AVS environment for 30 days at no cost, during 30 days customer can test migration validate performance/security benchmarks defined for critical apps and INFRA With LTIM AVS offering customers can achieve Powerful deliverables in just few weeks like Cloud Strategy, Deployment Model and Migration Path. LTIM has expertise in leveraging AVS for migration of on prem VMware Infrastructure to Azure. Azure VMWare Solution is a Microsoft service, verified by VMware, that runs on Azure infrastructure. If you are running VMware vSphere and considering a move to the cloud, AVS lets you deploy in SDDC and migrate your VMs with ease. This is simple vSphere to vSphere Migration and customer can maintain all their existing VMware investments they have today. Reap the benefits of cloud elasticity and scale, while saving on cost and without the change to current processes or re-skilling existing teams

Benefits of partnering with LTIM for Microsoft AVS

LTIM has pool of VMware experts to understand and assess clients on-premises infrastructure LTIM has pool of Azure VMware solution experts to support VMware on prem infrastructure migration to Azure VMware Solution We do Assessment, Design & Plan, Migrate & Validate, manage and operate We Identify potential workloads, Define migration paths, build target environment 2 weeks of On premises Discovery, assessment and setup and initial one application migration will be done, post that customer will be benefitted with free POC AVS environment for 2 weeks to test migration, validate performance/security as per defined benchmarks

4 Weeks of Discovery, Assessment and POC

Deliverables during these 4 weeks

Discover and assessment report of one identified workload Target Architecture setup Workloads setup optimized for security, performance and cost optimization based on Well Architected framework POC Test migrations – for customers to evaluate AVS infrastructure for performance, accessibility and security