Modernized App: 10 Weeks Implement

MFEC Public Company Limited

Transform your business solution to a cloud application with modernized .NET Application implementation

Our services offer you a methodology and implementation to turn your operational needs into a modernized application. Operational requirements, integration system, costs, and maintenance resources will be key factors in our solution. We create the best appropriate cloud application to help you achieve greater business outcomes or efficiency.

With the Azure PaSS service like App Service, SQL database connect with Azure AD and monitoring with Application Insight will provide you an application with

  • Reduce Operation Cost
  • Increase reliability and security

MFEC service provides the application transformation service to with the below methodology.

  1. Assessment : Provide assessment and feasibility | Gain use case and understand issue gaps
  2. Analysis and Design: Analysis of Evaluation Results | Estimating the Solution and Time Plan | Establishing Priorities and Developing a Transformation Plan.
  3. Transform : Develop application architecture design | Perform transformation | Validate
  4. Monitoring : Review operation | Provide support and monitoring