DMAP Copilot: App & Data Modernization Services

Newt Global Consulting, LLC

Accelerate Your Journey to Azure with All-Inclusive Application and Database Assessment, Flawless Migration, and AI Enabled Modernization Services.

Newt Global professional services help enterprises transform legacy and on-premises applications into agile, cloud-native solutions. We refactor, rearchitect, and optimize code to leverage cloud services, enhancing performance, scalability, and agility. We migrate, modernize, restructure, and optimize data, ensuring seamless integration with cloud services and enhanced data processing capabilities.

Newt Global leverage its own modernization solution, Data Modernization Acceleration Platform (DMAP), which is an enterprise grade best in class customizable platform, powered with GenAI & GitHub Copilot to facilitate accelerated Oracle Database & Application migration and modernization to Azure leading to a deep reduction in time and effort up to 80%. DMAP’s advanced automation, intelligent analysis, and optimized workflows are designed to simplify even the most complex migrations.

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Newt Global’s DMAP modernization solution comprises of 5 integrated frameworks that support multiple application & database modernization patterns through highly automated workflows.

  1. Migration Assessment: Evaluate numerous application and database workloads simultaneously for Oracle to PostgreSQL migration and Azure modernization with minimal engagement from customer resources. The cost of this assessment is only a fraction of what a manual assessment would require.
  2. Oracle to PostgreSQL Database Migration: Enables database assessment & performance analysis, schema conversion, data migration, user & privileges migration, database testing, and schema & data validation by progressively automating each step of database migration life cycle.
  3. Application Migration & Modernization Accelerator: Assesses applications for their cloud readiness. It offers suitable paths for modernization and migration of applications to the cloud by utilizing pre-built solutions for multiple patterns. DMAP automates the conversion of embedded Oracle PL/SQL code within your application to PostgreSQL-compatible syntax saving valuable time and resources by avoiding manual code translation.
  4. Database Offloading to Azure Storage(AFS & BLOB): Data offloading enables the transformation, migration and archival of data from Oracle database system to a cheaper and unlimited cloud-based storage solution, such as Azure AFS or BLOB, with the goal of reducing costs, improving performance, and optimizing resource usage in primary database.
  5. Source & Target Validation: Validation framework is an integral part of database migration, application migration and database offloading features of DMAP. It verifies the accuracy of the migrated & transformed data in the target database aiming to resolve data-related issues, ensuring accuracy, completeness, and consistency in the dataset via auto generated data validation reports. It ensures that the core functionality of your application is preserved during the conversion process and your business logic remains intact, guaranteeing a seamless transition.

DMAP Benefits

  • Automated Conversion: 80 to 100% automated conversion of Oracle database schemas and embedded PL/SQL code in .Net & Java applications to PostgreSQL syntax.
  • Increased ROI & Time Savings: 80% reduction in time & effort as compared to open-source solutions and standard conversion tools provided by public cloud platforms. Our proprietary platform accelerates migration timelines while reducing manual effort, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Powered by GenAI: GenAI integration further boosts conversion of PL/SQL code in your application and database schema that is not automatically converted. Integration with GitHub Copilot provides the transformative potential for Last Mile Hyper Automation by streamlining bulk batch code conversion and catapulting developer productivity to unprecedented heights.
  • Flawless Migration: Accelerated and error free migration minimizes the risk of errors and post-migration issues.
  • Minimized Downtime: Our meticulous planning and automated processes ensure minimal disruption to your operations during migration.
  • Expert Guidance: Tap into the expertise of our seasoned migration specialists who have a proven track record in successfully transitioning businesses to the cloud.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Our commitment doesn't end with migration. We provide ongoing monitoring and support to ensure that your cloud environment operates efficiently.