Azure OpenAI Services in a Day

NTT Germany AG & Co. KG

Learn how Azure OpenAI services can enhance your data analytics, optimize workflows and streamline machine learning processes in this one-day workshop

The Azure OpenAI services are an invaluable resource for technical decision makers seeking to revolutionize their operations with innovative, cutting-edge solutions.
This one-day workshop, available in both German and English languages, offers an insightful overview of the many benefits provided by these powerful services.

Whether you're looking to optimize your workflows, enhance your data analytics capabilities or streamline your machine learning processes, this workshop is the perfect introduction to the world of Azure OpenAI and all it has to offer.
With expert guidance and hands-on training from seasoned professionals in the field, you'll gain a deeper understanding of how these services can transform your business for the better.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to unlock the full potential of Azure OpenAI – sign up for our workshop today!


Moring 09:00-12:00) Fokus: Overview, first steps

  • Intro - NTT and its capabilities (30 min)
  • Into Workshop (15 mins)
  • Intro Azure OpenAI Service (45mins)
  • Azure Azure OpenAI Studio (60mins) with Exercises
    • Prompt Engineering using Studio
    • Creating Custom Models

Afternoon (1:00 - 15:30) Focus: Solutions

  • Recap (15min)
  • Using Azure OpenAI Service to access company data (45min) - How to bring your own data
  • Using Azure OpenAI Service with Power Virtual Agents with hands-on lab (60min)
  • Using Azure OpenAI Service with Power Automate with hands-on lab (60min)