Azure Migration Security By Design: 9 Days


Our team of certified Azure Security Engineers can provide you with support on many security aspects while migrating or extending your workload on Azure.

As you plan your migration to the cloud or leverage Azure for your core business, NVISO stands as your trusted partner, executing critical projects with security by design.

Azure Security, with its broad spectrum, intertwines many exercises, from strategic governance to deep technical tasks such as workload migration and security automation.

Our methodology commences with an initial assessment phase, followed by the proposal of a target design for the solution you aim to implement. Upon design validation, we implement changes, adopting audit policies where possible. Once we confirm no potential impact, we switch policies to enforcement. Finally, we document changes and share the project outcomes with your team.

Here are some typical scenarios where our customers seek our support: Entra ID: • Deployment or reconfiguration of Privileged Identity Management policy set • Deployment or reconfiguration of Conditional Access Policies • General Entra ID hardening, including management of admin accounts, guest accounts, password policy hardening or hardening of passwordless environments • Reconfiguration of RBAC groups

Microsoft Sentinel: • Sentinel design and configuration • Creation of Sentinel artifacts for log analysis and threat management • Building and validating data connectors for log ingestion • Reporting and notification mechanisms

Defender for Cloud: • Secure Score: prioritizing recommendations and creating an improvement roadmap • Defender for Servers: AV/EDR policies, configuration of threat and vulnerability management • Support for Defender for Databases, Containers, Storage, IoT, etc. • Azure Policy framework design and configuration • CSPM Compliance Policies

Network Security: • Implementation of Hub-Spoke architecture • Segregation of cloud network • Security of hybrid infrastructure