Microsoft Azure Security Baseline 4-Day Assessment


How secure is your current Azure environment? Our assessment provides you an overview about your current exposure, missing security controls or typical misconfigurations within your environment.

Cloud environments are becoming increasingly complex, and complexity can introduce severe flaws with real consequences if they are not mitigated in time. Over the years, NVISO has built the right toolset and expertise to tackle a broad range of  cloud features and cloud related technologies. NVISO will deliver this engagement using industry best practices and our expertise. 

NVISO uses a standardized project methodology to assess your environment based on the following steps:

Within the first phase we will:
Identify security requirements based on your organization and project
Decide security level for the specific cloud infrastructure:

  1. Fundamental security controls 
  2. Industry standard and best practices 
  3. Advanced security controls

Based on the information obtained in the first phase, in the 2nd phase our cloud experts will execute Security baseline checklist validation with automated tools, custom-built scripts and manual review steps, the following categories are included in scope for your Azure Tenant:

  • Identity & access management: Ensure a secure configuration of IAM
  • Logging and monitoring: Enable monitoring of suspicious activities and deviations.
  • Configuration management: Ensure that assets are managed, security assessments performed, and patches deployed.
  • Networking: Validate azure network security groups/firewalls are correctly configured. 
  • Data protection: Apply Data encryption for data in rest and in transit, decent logging.
  • Security Services: Enable security monitoring and threat detection with Azure Defender for cloud.

Our deliverable for this service is a detailed report that includes misconfiguration and actionable recommendations.