Azure Cloud Launchpad - 4-Wk - Implementation

OpsGuru Canada Inc.

Achieve rapid cloud deployment by rolling out a scalable cloud foundation. Advanced landing zone based on the "well-architecture framework"

Whether your company is looking to deploy a disaster recovery solution, expand existing on-premise workloads, make services more performant for end-user demands, or overcome a roadblock of cloud operations, Cloud Launchpad can help with your business goals. Azure Cloud Launchpad uses prescriptive best practices and pre-built infrastructure as code templates to:

  • Reduce the cloud learning curve
  • Lower the barrier to entry
  • Reduce your time-to-market
  • Avoid cost refactors
  • Accelerate compliance

With rapid foundational development, Cloud Launchpad provides a long term roadmap for cloud success. Step 1. Discovery. OpsGuru team learns about the business goals, technology in the current environment. Step 2. Workshops. OpsGuru runs a series of training sessions to equip your teams with cloud best practices. Step 3. Cloud Launchpad Rollout. OpsGuru & your team collaborate to configure Azure Cloud Launchpad. It takes as few as 2-4 days for the full rollout. Step 4. Hands-On Tutorial. Your team gets hands-on to build new resources on top of Cloud Launchpad code base using same infrastructure-as-code framework and process. Step 5. Cloud Roadmap.