Fractional CTO Service: 1 month renewable engagement

Option 4.0 AG

The Fractional CTO gives you access to a technology executive. Get expert guidance and leadership in technology to help you make the right technology decisions for your organisation.

The purpose of the Fractional CTO service is to provide organisations access to their own CTO, and give them the technical expertise they need in order to make the right technology investments.

The Fractional CTO service includes:

  • Expert guidance and leadership: The service provides businesses with a fractional CTO who offers expert guidance and leadership. This includes developing a technology strategy, managing technology vendors and budgets, ensuring the security and stability of technical infrastructure, and managing technology teams both on-premises and cloud.

  • Microsoft Azure cloud advisory: The Fractional CTO service can help you harness the power of Microsoft Azure for your company. A special focus will be put to understand how cloud-based technologies can be adopted to accelerate the achievement of your business goals and corporate strategy. Whether you want to migrate to the cloud, optimize your existing cloud infrastructure, or innovate with new cloud capabilities, we can help you choose and implement the best Azure services and solutions for your needs, and how to integrate all those new cloud services securely with your existing on-premises environments.

  • Flexibility and cost-effectiveness: The service offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness by allowing businesses to budget on a monthly or yearly basis. The CTO Power Pack provides financial certainty, while the CTO T&M engagement ensures businesses only pay for the actual effort delivered by the fractional CTO, providing transparency into technology spend.

  • Customized solutions: The Fractional CTO service tailors solutions to the specific needs of each business. Whether a business requires technology strategy development, vendor management, budgeting, cybersecurity and risk management, team management, or project management, the service offers expertise and experience to help achieve their goals.

  • Access to resources: The service can help you access the rich resources and support that Microsoft provides for organisations. We can guide you through the learning paths, industry solutions, technical documentation, solution accelerators and solution reference architectures that Microsoft offers to help you get started and grow with Azure, thus reducing your time-to-market and implementation costs.

This service is ideal for startups, small to medium-sized businesses in various situations, including limited budget constraints, rapid growth phases, lack of in-house technology expertise, a desire to accelerate innovation, specific project-based work, or the need for an interim CTO during the recruitment process.

Option4.0, the provider of the service, supports organizations in areas such as technology strategy development, vendor management, budgeting, cybersecurity and risk management, team management, and project management. They offer the Fractional CTO solution in two forms: CTO Power Pack, which provides flexible and cost-effective support on a fixed budget basis, and CTO T&M engagement, which offers expertise on a scheduled basis with transparent billing based on actual effort delivered.

Overall, the goal of the Fractional CTO service is to provide businesses with the strategic technology leadership and guidance they need to succeed, thus accelerating their adoption of cloud services regardless of their size or budget constraints.