Azure- Data Mesh Framework : 7-weeks implementation

Orange Business Services SA

Enabling a business-oriented data storage platform. Transforming your data into a product whilst removing the bottleneck of a centralized IT.

Orange Business Services offers an asset-based data framework built around the Data Mesh paradigm. It includes the data platform as well as the support to shift organizational culture through dedicated workshops.

Instead of having one large body of data, Orange Business Services’ Data Mesh framework supports its customers to decompose their centralized data into distributed data products. By using a self-service platform, Orange Business Services’ customers can easily get the best from their data: creating new use cases and enabling faster delivery of new data products.

Data Mesh Framework in a nutshell: • Rethinking data as a product: Data Mesh creates an ecosystem of data products allowing its users to get the most out of data, data teams and data consumers • Teams get business focused: each domain team is responsible for domain-related use cases or is involved in solving a specific business problem • Interoperability & standardization: every domain provides standardized interfaces to access their data which allows effective collaboration and interoperability

The Azure portfolio offers a great number of tools and components to build a production-ready Data Mesh platform. To unlock the power of these cloud native components a skilled team of experts is required. Orange Business Services is providing the expertise as well as the asset of a ready-to-deploy Data Mesh data platform. Orange Business Services’ Azure certified experts will implement and customize the Data Mesh framework solution to bring its customers successfully to the end of their data journey.

Orange Business Services’ solution is solving the complexity of current data landscapes and enables the development of new data product within customer’s ecosystem. The most common difficulties raised up when scaling data platforms are:

• Increasing difficulty to get and store high quality / usable data • Data engineering and data scientist teams are overloaded • Lack of alignment between the data engineering team and the business teams • Impossibility to scale-up and develop new data products

The Data Mesh framework Orange Business Services offers answer all these challenges. To facilitate the deployment of such a data infrastructure and governance, and to prove the business value it can generate: the solution has been splitted into two main deployment steps which are called offers.

Basic offer – from 35k€ • Pre-packaged solution • Data Mesh framework deployment • One domain implementation with standardized interface for data load • Set up of Azure accounts and VPN Gateway • Federated data governance

Full offer - on quotation • Customized domain implementation • Ideation and governance workshops • Global data governance solution • Monitoring tooling and FinOps governance • VPN access, peering / routing / connection • Tailor-made features • Data Mesh as a 100% managed service