Modern Data Warehouse Azure Landing Zone: 3-Wk implementation


Create your Azure data platform using Infrastructure as Code


Whatever happened to the Data Warehouse, our well known and beloved Inmon and Kimball methodology and modeling techniques? Well, it has not disappeared, it has been modernized.

However, building a performant, secure, compliant and robust future proof cloud solution has proven to be a challenging task. Many kinds of questions may arise when thinking of designing for the future.

  • Is my data safe, is it encrypted, is it GDPR compliant, is it obfuscated from the public eye, is it protected from potential attacks, ...
  • What tools and processes should we use during transition
  • What pitfalls should we avoid (=process, features, cost)
  • How to implement robust change management (= workshop DevOps)
  • How to get best performance with an eye on cost (= PowerBI dashboard with Azure cost by resource)

Ordina provides 3 weeks of consulting services, to be your guide in a value discovery and assist you in the design of your transformation to the cloud.

What we offer

Our implementation includes a Continuous Integrated and Continuous Deployment codebase that will help you with the setup of your new data platform. The codebase includes installations for Azure SQL Databases, Azure Storage, Azure Data Factory, Azure Key Vault, Azure Networking and network linking in Azure and setup of the Resources and resource groups using Micorsoft best practices.

We will work closely together with your DPO, the network and security teams to achieve maximum compliancy an security to keep your data protected.

Deliverables include

  • High level Architectural overview
  • Low Architectural design document
  • Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline with approval process
  • 3 environments ( Development, Test/Acceptance and Production )

Additional information

Ordina is Microsoft Gold Tier 1 CSP guaranteeing quality of our work.