Azure Migration: 2 hours Briefing

Payoda Technology Inc

A 2 hours briefing session on how Payoda can get you to Azure in a fast, efficient and cost-effective manner

While cloud presents a multitude of advantages- on-demand availability, quick scalability, pay-as-you-go, secure infrastructure and quick provisioning, it is important to deep dive on the key drivers for your migration. Use cases for migration differ across industries and across organizations within the same industry.

The briefing session will help you understand the cost and technical implications of you moving to Azure. This session will cover Payoda's Cloud Migration services, as well as a brief demonstration of tools / case studies, will be discussed to illustrate capabilities, which will help you understand our end-to-end migration plan as you embark on your Azure cloud journey.

Focus areas:

  • Overview of Azure Capabilities and Azure Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Business drivers & outcomes
  • Brief Discussion on 5Rs of Migration
  • Payoda's offering and assessment capability to determine the migration path
  • Benefits anticipated, licencing savings
  • Post Migration Monitoring and Automation
  • Migration best practices and common obstacles
  • Hybrid Cloud Adoption

Take advantage of our free briefing session to learn about the solution's business and technical benefits, as well as a proven roadmap to maximizing its benefits for your cloud adoption journey.

Additionally, If needed, we will also have a concise discussion on: Azure Hybrid Cloud Adoption (Hybrid strategy depending on the needs of the organization and the intended outcomes) Windows & SQL Migration, Linux & OSS DB migration

Key Outcomes:

  • Understanding of General Azure Capabilities
  • Payoda Case Studies & Capabilities
  • Payoda Process Framework

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