Compromised Assessment & Threat Hunting: 6 Weeks

Phakamo Holdings (Pty) Ltd

We provide a team of certified cybersecurity threat hunters, leveraging Microsoft Security Arsenal, to detect threat activity across a client's environment and advising on maturing security controls.

The aim is to outsmart attackers, leveraging our extensive experience and investigative techniques to look for signs of a compromise in conjunction with our IT GRC expertise, providing visibility to the client's level of exposure, the presence of existing threats and the risk associated to business digital assets.

Our Approach: Week 1: Understand actual threat reality - we will undertake a compromise assessment and threat hunting across the client's digital landscape, leveraging existing Microsoft / Azure security solutions. Week 2: Understand where to strengthen the organisation's security - we will undertake an ISMS questionnaire with the client to better understand the security objectives of the client against the security controls deployed from a Microsoft perspective. week 3 - 4: Advise on what Azure Security investment capability to make or leverage - Provide an architecture overview of how the Microsoft's Azure security capabilities can empower the client's security resilience. Week 5: Provide recommendations towards a trusted and compliant digital landscape - Provide a security program that would enable the achievement of the set objectives by the client leveraging Azure Security solutions. week 6: Provide a continuous threat detection and response management maturity roadmap.

The outcome of this assessment is to:

  1. Empower clients to enhance their adoption and drive of a multitude of Azure workloads, as a basis of providing the necessary cyber risk confidence that business requires in order to sponsor and own the digital transformation journey.

  2. Provide an Azure Cloud Security Maturity Roadmap that will be a formal directive for the client's Cloud resilience, addressing Data Governance, Threat Management, Compliance and Risk Management.