Application Modernization Assessment - 4 weeks

Plain Concepts

This assessment is an in-depth audit of a set of your legacy applications. Our architects will analyze your applications and architecture to ensure that they meet your business needs.

Azure Application Modernization Assessment - We´ll analyze and modernize your applications to make sure that they are optimized to take advantage of all the features of Microsoft Azure.

Planning We help you identify business goals and objectives: • Gather critical information about your IT infrastructure. • Share the key business outcomes and goals to align your migration with your organization’s objectives.

Application Analysis and Data Collection Provide a clear picture of the current estate: • Perform an inventory of your organization’s software and hardware assets. • Gather information on user deployment and network and system usage.

Source Code Analysis Help to retain current investments and make them future-proof. • Provide a cost analysis. • Build a roadmap based on your goals, to give a clear view how to leverage more out of your application landscape. • Leverage additional cloud services such as Application Performance Monitoring.

Action Provide a Strategy to prepare your cloud journey: • A migration plan with recommendations and how to evolve your application and optimize it to Microsoft Azure.
• Propose new tools such as Application Lifecycle Management and processes such as Agile Methodology to help you in the application migration.

The final price of the assessment depends on geography and the exact number of applications in the assessment.