Synapse 70 Billion+ Rows Marketing Intelligence Solution Managed service

Pomerol Partners Ltd

Extract, orchestrate, load and analyze more than 70 billion rows of marketing intelligence data to get the competitive edge on your industry.

You can analyze 77 billions rows of data within seconds!

Harness the power of the cloud using Azure Synapse and Power BI to analyze over 77 billion rows of data for multiple brands in real-time.

Our out-of-the box dashboards reveal opportunities your competitors are missing, so you can run smarter campaigns and keep your business one step ahead. The solution can also allow marketers to make crucial data-driven decisions from anywhere with access to an internet connection. It enables your organization to enter the enhanced world of real-time marketing, which helps you achieve your business goals and stay ahead.

We will:

  • Build data lakehouse architecture within Azure Synapse
  • Secure and govern your data using Azure Purview
  • Orchestrate your data from disparate data sources using Azure Data Factory
  • Visualise and serve your data for analysis using Azure Synapse and Power BI

Contact us to find out how you can achieve an edge on your competition using the latest in big data technology.

Note: The $20k price represents the discovery and scoping effort (10-15 man days), which will define and quantify the project development phases (not included in this package).