Enterprise Migration Automation Solution: 12-Wk Proof of Concept

PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Limited

PwC Enterprise Migration Automation solution for Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive and cutting-edge cloud migration and enablement service.

PwC’s Enterprise Migration Automation ('EMA') solution for Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive and cutting-edge cloud migration and enablement service that introduces digital transformation, growth and efficiency by assisting organisations with faster and seamless cloud onboarding.

PwC’s EMA solution is a pipeline-powered automation service that goes beyond the technological elements of lifting and shifting an organization’s workloads to the cloud by completely focusing on the end goal at the beginning. The solution leverages industry-standard automation tools and Azure Cloud’s pricing models to build a cloud migration strategy that aligns with the client’s business values, goals, and capabilities, consequently eliminating most risks and challenges associated with cloud adoption using Microsoft Azure services.

EMA solution is based on the PwC Transform methodology aligned with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), which comprises cloud onboarding, infrastructure provisioning, homogeneous and heterogeneous database migration, application migration, and container workload migration. It can integrate with both open-source tools and cloud-native services, thereby allowing organisations to fully utilise the offerings available on the cloud as well.

EMA solution is built on top of agile methodology to ensure optimization of both person-hours as well as resource cost. The solution supports Azure services like Azure Virtual Network, Azure Virtual Machines, Azure SQL server, and Azure Blob storage that encourages communication, computing, integration, storage solutions, and automation between the software development and operations teams of the client organization.

Major business drivers for the same are outlined below:

● EMA is a single-architecture approach that supports multiple development frameworks which help reduce costs for the user – independent of a device, operating system and version – and promotes process automation.

● EMA expedites time-to-market by facilitating the creation of landing zones with reduced effort and generating fewer errors during migration.

● EMA facilitates an increased user reach and engagement as it permits the user to choose the migration for application across multiple cloud service providers (CSPs), with minimum user intervention and seamless execution.

If an organisation requires a well-thought-out cloud transformation plan – including specifics such as itemising dependencies and repointing hardware, software and data locations – PwC will help construct a concrete blueprint for the same, by determining the items to be moved.

Therefore, PwC’s EMA solution will help businesses improve sustainability, increase efficiencies, accelerate cloud transformation speed, minimise risks, and ultimately improve overall value and return on investment (ROI).