Agile Experience:10-weeks Implementation


From Idea to Execution, we’ll architect and build digital solutions that supports adaptive businesses.

The ideal set of expertise, talent, and technology that you need to execute your digital strategy and implement your digital products on Azure. From idea to continue business value delivery, we work with your team on the Product envisioning, designing the product roadmap and creating a value-oriented product backlog, using techniques and practices like design thinking, business analysis, interviews, and more. From a technical perspective, we establish the necessary upfront technical definitions and architecture plan to guide product implementation and let emerging architecture change as the product evolves. Process of design and strategy of product, application or digital solution. It can be a modernization of an existing product or creation of a new product. With the product prototype, the customer is able to evolve with development quickly, running on the Azure Platform to take advantage of its key benefits. With specific Immersion, Ideation and Prototyping sessions, the customer gets the the fastest and most effective path to evolve with a new product or a digital application modernization. The prototype is developed in Azure, and the customer can already realize the benefits of a modern application that Azure offers.

Agenda: • Week 1: Planning – Strategic Design Processes. • Week 2: Planning – Strategic Design Processes. • Week 3: Design Thinking Workshop to define the user experience. • Week 4: Backlog Definition – Map and discuss opportunities based on previous workshop and planning sessions. • Week 5: Backlog Priorization – Define the core priorities to develop. • Week 6: Development week1: weekly delivery and backlog tracking. • Week 7: Development week 2: weekly delivery and backlog tracking. • Week 8: Development week 3: weekly delivery and backlog tracking. • Week 9: Development week 4: weekly delivery and backlog tracking. • Week 10: Finalization: product final review and publication.