ChatGPT and Azure for Internal Data Analysis - 6-8 Week Proof-of-Concept (POC)


Utilize Azure to unlock the power of ChatGPT, an advanced large language model by OpenAI, to extract valuable insights from your internal data.

This solution is designed for clients who want to tap into the vast potential of their internal data and extract valuable insights. By harnessing the capabilities of Azure resources, such as Azure Cognitive Search and Form Recognizer, and leveraging the cutting-edge algorithms of ChatGPT, a powerful large language model (LLM), we can generate human-like responses in conversational contexts. This solution unlocks hidden or hard-to-find knowledge within your organization, empowering you to drive informed decisions based on the power of the LLM technology.


  • Collaborate with business unit to understand specific data sources, objectives and requirement.
  • Standing up the Azure environment and setup the necessary configuration.
  • OpenAI-ChatGPT integration and related UI deployment for internal use.
  • Testing and iterative approach to fine-tuning the model.
  • Knowledge transfer and how to effective use and maintain it.


  • Fully configured solution leveraging Azure resources and ChatGPT.
  • Demo user interface that interacts with the system.
  • Knowledge transfer session and guidance to your team and next steps.


  • Duration 6-8 weeks.
  • The pricing and timelines are estimates based on "reasonable number of requirements" and will be adjusted after agreed on proposal.
  • Organizational commitment, availability and cooperation of key stakeholders, including:
    • Subject matter experts on the business side
    • Data, InfoSec, infrastructure & network engineering representation

Sample use cases:

  • Empower your executives to leverage ChatGPT to ask question about your internal data and receive insight on large volume of internal data, such as, "Give me total loans closed month?"
  • Manage risk by analyzing internal data to identify potential risk and highlight areas of non-compliance and suggest remedial actions.
  • Integrate with supply chain to predict and forecast recommendation based on trends.
  • Analyze external data sources, combined with your internal data sources to gather competitive intelligence and insights for strategic decision making.
  • Improve your customer support by making your internal documents be empowered by ChatGPT.
  • Make your knowledge base and FAQs easily accessible.
  • Improve your training and onboarding by providing interactive and real-time guidance.
Reach out to us for a POC.