Azure Analytics 5-Day Readiness Assessment


Kick AaaS is the Azure cloud-native, enterprise-wide analytics platform that solves the data silo problem. It takes the hard work out of capturing, curating and preparing data for consumption.

By putting the power of data analytics in the hands of your business users, they can make better, more informed decisions every day. Pythian Kick Analytics as a Service (Kick AaaS) for Microsoft Azure makes this possible, letting you harness the potential of your data to improve business outcomes without relinquishing control of valuable data assets to a software vendor or defocusing your IT and BI teams.

Kick AaaS for Azure is a proven and customizable end-to-end solution that helps you maintain control of your data assets while getting you to the business results you need–faster.

Assessment Deliverables

We will deliver an interactive presentation of recommendations and results, followed by a Cloud Analytics Readiness Assessment report document within two weeks of the on-site assessment workshop. The report will also include:

  • A high-level analytics platform roadmap short term and long term with tooling recommendations
  • A phased plan for implementation of an analytics platform project including
  • High-level reference architecture
  • High-level solution schedule with an implementation plan
  • Solution cost with an estimated range of public cloud services costs