App Modernisation 10-Week Implementation


Looking at your existing application estate and helps build the correct strategy whilst modernising the applications by re-platforming or re-factoring.


Servent can help with your App Modernisation strategy, in planning and defining each step in your cloud migration pathway. We can help set a clear migration path for all applications, not just for existing legacy applications but to fully optimise to cloud "native" and hybrid application architectures.

What are your options?

  • Rehost (Lift and Shift)

    A rehost effort moves a current state asset to the Azure cloud, with minimal change to the overall architecture.

  • Refactor

    Platform as a service (PaaS) options can reduce the operational costs that are associated with many applications. It's a good idea to slightly refactor an application to fit a PaaS-based model.

  • Rearchitect (re-platform)

    Applications that are cloud-compatible, but not cloud-native, can create cost and operational efficiencies by slightly rearchitecting the solution into a cloud-native application. Other legacy apps might need to be rearchitected completely before eventually been deployed to the cloud.

  • Rebuild

    In some scenarios, the changes required to carry an application forward can be too large to justify further investment. In this case, a new code base is created to align with a cloud-native approach.

  • Replace

    Software as a Service (SaaS) applications may provide all the required functionality for the hosted application. In these scenarios, a workload can be scheduled for future replacement, effectively removing it from the transformation effort.

Servent will help you choose the right options for your application estate. The benefits of applying Application Modernisation to your legacy and new applications include cost savings, scalability, agility, improved productivity and recovery abilities and provides the potential to fully utilise the extensive list of Azure Services on offer.

The price of this offering is estimated and will vary depending on the applications under consideration.