Azure Active Directory B2C - Assess & Plan

Shaping Cloud

Azure Active Directory B2C provides business-to-customer identity as a service. We can design, develop & implement a customer identity & access management solution based in Azure Active Directory B2C.

This offer is to assess & plan the requirement for Azure AD B2C in your business. This will include:

  • 1x Envision workshop to understand business drivers and bound project scope
  • 1x Solution design workshop to set Azure AD B2C product set in business context
  • Off-site working to deliver a PoC, proving-out key Azure AD B2C capabilities (optional)
  • High-level design, so you can plan and build-out Azure AD B2C with confidence

Over the engagement the following Entra product is in scope:

Microsoft Azure AAD B2C:

Benefits to customers when leveraging Azure AD B2C

  1. Scalable and reliable: Azure AD B2C is built on Microsoft's robust platform, ensuring scalability and reliability to handle any volume of user authentication requests.
  2. Simplified user management: Centralise user management and authentication processes with Azure AD B2C, reducing administrative overhead and improving efficiency.
  3. Seamless third-party integration: Easily integrate with third-party systems, applications, and identity providers, enabling a seamless user experience across multiple platforms.
  4. Rapid development and deployment: Accelerate your development cycles by leveraging Azure AD B2C's developer-friendly tools and resources, allowing you to quickly build and deploy authentication solutions.
  5. Extensive compliance coverage: Benefit from Azure AD B2C's compliance with various industry standards and regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA, ensuring data protection and privacy.
  6. Seamless multi-factor authentication: Implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) effortlessly with Azure AD B2C, providing an additional layer of security for user logins and safeguarding against unauthorised access.

Built into the design we'll also consider:

  • Custom sign-up, sign-in and profile management, so you can appropriately secure your externally-facing applications
  • Pixel-perfect brand and style, so your customers enjoy an identity experience that’s consistently familiar and high-quality, building trust
  • Federating to external identity providers, including social and Gov / NHS / LRG, so your customers can use the identity most convenient for them
  • Integrating with enterprise apps and services for additional identity attributes for authorisation
  • SSO for your software-as-a-service applications (SaaS), making it faster and simpler to sign in to your SaaS apps compared with managing multiple usernames and passwords
  • Conditional access and enforcing security controls such as MFA (multifactor authentication), keeping your apps better secured against bad actors

*The build, deploy & release phase is in addition to this engagement and will be quoted for after the Assess & Plan phase one all requirements are known.