Guidewire Insurance Data Explorer: 3-Day Briefing


Leveraging Azure Synapse Analytics to load, transform and aggregate data from Guidewire Centers

This briefing demonstrates the possibilities of applying modern data analysis onto information gathered by Guidewire Centers. No predefined data model nor time-consuming change process to enable desired attributes or metrics.


  • Sollers offers this briefing for P&C insurance companies that use Guidewire Centers


  • Discuss potential use cases and choose one suitable for purpose of that briefing
  • Identify data that can be loaded from transactional systems
  • Ingest data, transform and aggregate it using Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Gather valuable insights and present them in concise form in Jupyter Notebook or in Microsoft Power BI

High-level scope and schedule:

  • Day 1: Introduction and workshops
  • Day 2: Recommendation preparation
  • Day 3: Conclusions presentation and workshop discussion


  • Present possibilities of ingestion, transformation, and aggregation of Guidewire Centers data using Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Show how to harness insurance data using Azure
  • Enable your business analysts and data scientists to quickly explore data from Guidewire Centers and perform ad hoc data analysis
  • Recommendations & roadmap detailing possible next steps