Intelligent Apps Discovery-Design: 4-Week Workshop

MNP Digital

This collaborative engagement will assess your readiness and surface new ideas - then we'll design, test and plan how intelligent apps can transform your organization.

At T4G, we create intelligent apps that are driven by data and built on Azure for maximum performance and scalability. From cross-platform mobile, to natural language processing, bots and mixed reality, we build modern applications that deliver unique and relevant experiences for our client’s customers and employees. With our human-centered approach, we ensure success by shaping the design around real people and aligning their needs with the desired business outcomes.


Week 1 - Discover

  • The first step in the process is to discuss what the “art of the possible” means for your organization. Our Discover session is designed to get to know your business, your goals, and the challenges you face. Together we’ll identify those transformative ideas, and then show you how leveraging emerging technology can create new value for your business.

Week 2 - Design

  • Our one-week intensive design sprint will turn those transformative ideas into something real. Together, we’ll design prototypes that can be validated with your stakeholders to learn what works, and perhaps more importantly what doesn’t, so we can all move forward with confidence.

Week 3 - Refine

  • Led by T4G experts, we’ll conduct a two-day technical planning workshop where we’ll define the right technology mix and architecture for your organization. In parallel, we’ll test and validate the design prototypes with real customers to gather valuable insight for use in future iterations.

Week 4 - Define

  • Finally, we’ll take the outputs of our design sprint and technical planning and help you develop an Agile-ready backlog of requirements that you can use to make it real.


Includes one-day discover workshop, one-week intensive design sprint, prototype validation, two-day technical planning workshop, backlog development and consultation.


  • Design Sprint
  • Validated prototype
  • Product backlog
  • Technical roadmap
  • Delivery roadmap