Azure PaaS: 3-Day Proof of Concept


Work with Tallan to educate your team on Azure and create a functioning POC that can drive business value for your organization.

This 3 day engagement will allow your team to work with Tallan and Microsoft to educate your organization on what is possible in Azure and build out a POC utilizing Azure’s PaaS services.


  • Outline proof of concept and what you are trying to accomplish.
  • Go over the current environment application runs in (if any) and the architecture associated with it.
  • Education on Azure tools and building workloads and applications in Azure/moving on prem applications and workloads to Azure.
  • Work with Tallan team to develop and create your POC.


  • Documentation of proof of concept, current architecture and best practices / recommendations for building and moving and workloads to Azure.
  • Functioning POC for you to run with or work with Tallan to implement.

Cost is estimated due to variations in length of engagement and other expenses.

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