Tallan Data Science as a Service: 3 Month Implementation


Data science can provide transformational insights to your organization, but tenured expertise is hard to find. Allow our team to supplement yours and gain tremendous value in 3 months time.

Our experts cover the entire data science lifecycle – we can build great models, deploy them to production in Azure, and maintain them once they are there. Proven Azure architectures and code templates get our team up and running in days, not weeks. Tallan's skilled data science architects will work with your business and technical leaders to cast a vision for data science, develop use cases that support the vision, and then prioritize these according to impact and difficulty. Our team follows the scientific method to progressively develop data science solutions. This processes ensures that forward momentum is maintained, even in the most ambiguous use cases. Tallan's team deploys the model to an appropriate production environment, and works with your internal teams to integrate this model into your organization, socialize it amongst your leadership, and iterate on it in response to feedback from the live environment.

Agenda may include: *Co-creation session to prioritize data science use-cases *Deploy cloud services that power the data science solution *Build models for your highest priority use-cases *Operationalize model to start providing business value

Deliverables may include: *Executive brief outlining vision and data science roadmap *All code and model assets developed over the trial *Deployed model with end-coaching on usage *A new or refined vision map

Microsoft funding likely available to offset cost and price can vary