IT Value Scan - 2wk Assessment

TeamValue B.V.

These days, a good IT landscape is essential to almost any organization. With this Value Scan we will give you insight into the health and how future proof your Azure based IT landscape is.

We look at the added value of IT for you and assess this across three axes: security, development and infrastructure. Together we discover where you can do better, and how we can best apply the Golden Path for better utilizing your Azure environment in your organization.

How does this scan work?

By means of MetaPlan techniques, we ensure that where normally only one or two of the areas are analyzed, we take all three into account and are also able to combine them in no time. We determine the first things to do based on priority and capacity.

What is the result of the scan?

After the survey and the session, you will receive a maturity report. The IT Value Scan is a combination of quantitative and qualitative research in which your organization is leading.
Are you an IT Manager, Auditor or Security Officer? We would like to think along and take on the challenge together.


Our vision for this assessment comes from the books 'The Phoenix Project' and 'The Unicorn Project'. Reading this was just the beginning of the journey we are on with our team.

We certainly have a technical conscience. With our helicopter view, following the scrum methodology, we make sure we are always "on track". Most importantly, we bring your IT to the next level and focus on continuous sustainable growth. This, combined with our best practices from years of working for clients, makes our approach unique.