Network Transformation Strategy: 4-Wk Assessment

Tech Mahindra Limited

Today’s enterprises have a very complex mix of services deployed on premise and cloud. These technologies while accelerating the enterprise’s time-to-market for their products become complex entities.

Our consulting service presents a phased approach to understand your business challenges, and current infrastructure environment to provide you with a transformation path leveraging key Azure technologies (IaaS, Networking) for your success. The details of our approach are mentioned below. Please note that the time-line of the some phases is commensurate to the expanse of your environment.

Phase 1: Discussion Kickoff

  • Discuss Workshop Objectives
  • Understand Specific Customer Requirements, if any
  • Finalize on the Agenda

Phase 2: Discovery

  • Understand Customer’s Pain Points, and Desired Future State
  • Understand Existing Setup (Network, Connectivity, Infra)
  • Understand Processes, and Incumbent Vendors
  • Understand Business Objectives

Phase 3: Analysis

  • Identify potential solution strategies to meet customer’s Growth Objectives
  • Detail out considerations in aspects of Networking, Connectivity, and Infrastructure
  • Identify potential Stakeholder Management Model
  • Create a clear Customer Engagement Roadmap

Phase 4: Reports

  • Detailed Walkthrough of the Report on the following:
  • Our Understanding of your Current State
  • Key Challenges
  • Transformation Approach for You
  • The Art of Possible: What Transformation poises for the Customer

In essence, this service is ideal for assessment of the virtual or physical infrastructure, in the following scenarios:

  • Managed Service Offering
  • Integration as part of mixed environment for e.g. a solution integrating your On-Premise with Azure IaaS environment via Express Connect
  • Solution Design around technologies like Azure IaaS and Azure Networking (Azure Virtual WAN, Azure Express Route, Azure Peering Service)
  • Migration from another Public Cloud / On-Premise Environment
  • The scope is not limited to the aforementioned scenarios as could be modified as the situation demands.

Key Deliverables

  • Detailed Assessment Report
  • 2+2+2 Hours Workshop for Walkthrough of the report.