Azure Migration: 1-Day Assessment

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Move your on-premise server environment to the Azure Cloud, and benefit from improved data security and 24/7 data availability.

Moving your infrastructure demands to the cloud empowers your team to work effectively whenever they want, wherever they are, and reduces the load on your day-to-day infrastructure management so your people can focus on what matters – the success of your business.   By migrating your on-prem software systems to Azure, your growing business can be empowered with:

  • Access from anywhere
  • Improved data security
  • 99% uptime
  • Hassle-free disaster recovery
  • Faster upgrades & updates
  • Reduced strain on your internal IT resources
  • Unaffected performance as your system grows
  • Compliance to local & global data regulations.

This 1-day assessment will quantify the time, effort, and cost required to make the move to the cloud.

The goal of this assessment is to obtain all the data you need to understand your company's path to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform.

This virtual Azure Cloud Assessment includes:

1. An in-depth Review of your current Infrastructure environment & workshopping your Strategic needs; 1. Assessment of your Cloud Migration objectives;

  1. Architecting for Backups and Disaster Recovery; 1. Security considerations as it relates to your organisation; 1. Post-Migration Enhancements and Iterations.

As a growing business, we understand that every minute spent away from servicing your customers is an opportunity lost.

That’s why Geek Patrol’s services come with:

  • Personalised Support, so you can reach out and connect directly with our human-focused team.
  • And a 24/7 helpdesk through our very own mobile App.

Additional Services

Let us help manage the cloud-enabled accounting environment for your Small to Medium Business.

  • Monthly Management & Support, such as Data Security, Remote Daily VM Monitoring, Helpdesk Support and Backup & Data Recovery.
  • Follow-up Training
  • Backups & Data Recovery

Cost & time variability due to number of servers, complexity of systems etc.