Wipro SAP on Azure - 4 Weeks Assessment

Wipro Ltd

Wipro, offers end to end services for SAP on Azure including assessment and discovery, cloud migration, transformation and managed services. We are recognized with SAP on Azure Advanced Specialization

Our services include: Assessment & Advisory Services: Wipro uses its Cloud Studio (Migration Manager) to perform a detailed assessment on customer's landscape including SAP and non-SAP application, infra, network, security areas and creates a comprehensive report.

Migration Services: Wipro offers this service to perform the actual cloud migrations post its Assessment. This offer includes homogeneous migrations, heterogeneous migrations, HANA migrations, S/4HANA conversions, S/4HANA implementations etc. and does not limit to only SAP application on cloud but other aspects like infra, network, security and integrated non-SAP applications through Cloud automation.

Transformation Services: Wipro also provides a range of transformation services that includes Suite on HANA migrations, SAP S/4HANA transformations, BW/4HANA conversions, SAP BW on HANA migrations. Wipro takes end-to-end ownership for these projects. We have over 10+ Preconfigured Industry solutions for SAP S/4HANA deployments and 60+ SAP S/4HANA solution extensions to deliver additional value to our clients based on industry specific requirements.

Application Managed Services: We leverage Apex delivery model, powered by DevOps, a super-scaled, industrialized and boundary less delivery model for SAP transformations with Agile development methodology in its core. We have also developed EZRun Framework for SAP Operations powered by AIOps.

Infrastructure Managed Services: Wipro provides a wide range for infrastructure management like system administration, infra monitoring, distribution and deployment, data center support, database administration, disaster recovery services, incident management, change management, service design management leveraging Boundaryless enterprise solution.

SAP Basis Managed Services: Leveraging SAP Basis Workbench, Wipro's SAP Basis experience extends to Microsoft Azure platform as well with an experience in working on complex, and very large environments.