Monitoring as Code - MaC: 6 Week Pilot & Consulting offer

Xoriant Corporation

MaC incorporates continuous monitoring across each phase of your DevOps and IT Ops cycles, end-to-end visibility across applications and infrastructure on Azure

Monitoring As Code (MaC) ensures the health, performance, and reliability of your apps and infrastructure continuously as it deploys monitors with services in the environment. It provides full-stack observability across applications and infrastructure. It enables end-to-end visibility across the health of your resources, and drill down to the most probable root cause of a problem.

You track the health and performance of your entire hybrid environment. Having monitoring enabled across your entire infrastructure will help you achieve full observability and make it easier to discover a potential root cause when something fails.

Offer Summary – PoC

  • Provide and implement packages
  • Execute MaC for the pilot environment
  • Provide training to the Azure Cloud DevOps/Platform team to use the solution.
  • Customizations with an additional charge


  1. Execute MaC for the pilot, report the results
  2. Provide visualizations and dashboards for management
  3. Train teams to use the solution

Azure components Used:

  • Azure Network (VNET), Azure Storage, Azure VMs, and AKS
  • Integrate with Jenkins, or Bamboo, or Azure DevOps pipeline in-use

Key Benefits:

  • Deploy in multiple different environments with reusable code
  • Monitor several resource groups consistently across infrastructure and services
  • Track the key health and performance metrics (KPIs)
  • Create a robust alerting pipeline to set up actionable alerts for all predictable failure states
  • Prepare role-based dashboards and workbooks for reporting