Azure Cloud Accelerator Hackathon (8 day)


The Azure Cloud Accelerator Hackathon can be used to kickstart your cloud journey. The Hackathon is an 8-day program where you will go from ideation to your first application running in the cloud!

We start with our Azure Cloud Accelerator workshop, where we will make a quick discovery of an application that is suitable to migrate to Azure. We will bring our findings to our Azure Cloud Architecture workshop. In this workshop, we will first tell you about our cloud-native design principles to have a shared understanding of the cloud and the design principles around that. After that, we will further explore your chosen application and, together with you, create an architecture and plan to move this application to Azure during the 5-day hands-on hackathon that follows.

In the 5-day hackathon, you will be guided by our consultants to move your application to Azure. We will do this the “DevOps way”: using Agile development, we help you (start to) build or migrate an application to the cloud, implementing Infrastructure as code, and Azure DevOps Pipelines or GitHub Workflows.

We will end our hackathon with an epic celebration and move to the wrap-up. In the wrap-up, we will evaluate the result and draft a high-level plan to move the outcome to production. After that, we will introduce you to the Engineering Culture concept. In this part, we will talk about how the cloud also impacts your Operating Model, Culture, Strategy, Business, and, in the end, your organization.

Finally, we will create a roadmap to define the next steps. That can be moving the chosen application to production, scanning the application landscape with our Azure Cloud readiness Scan, or both.

The overall program:

Day 1 - Azure cloud accelerator workshop: application landscape exploration, mapping business case, risks and value opportunities, outcome envisioning

Day 2 - Azure cloud architecture workshop: core principles, as-is and to-be architecture, migration approach, hackathon program

Day 3 - Hands-on cloud hackathon start: team formation, backlog creation, architecture development

Day 4-7 - Hands-on cloud hackathon execution: daily stand-up, develop, retrospective, demo (last day)

Day 8 - wrap-up: strategy for organization, Engineering Culture, roadmap, next steps