Azure Cloud Exploration Workshop (1 day)


This 1-day workshop enables you to explore your possibilities in Azure

This 1-day workshop enables you to explore your possibilities in Azure.

In this session, we start with introductions, who we are meeting from your side, and which Xpirit consultants you have in front of you.

As preparation for this workshop, we ask you to prepare a 20-minute pitch that gives us initial context on your situation. What product(s) are you developing, and what are your objectives towards DevOps and Azure Cloud Adoption? We will ask follow-up questions during and after the pitch to better understand your situation.

As a next step, we will gather together topics to be discussed. We will use dot-voting to prioritize the issue and discuss them in that order. Our consultants will answer questions and, if needed, guide you in making instant changes in Azure or Azure DevOps that help you immediately. After a lunch break, we will revisit the previously voted topics and possibly adjust priorities or add new topics based on insights in the morning session.

Based on the two topic discussion sessions, we will go toward the Review and Forecast section of the day. In this part, we will look back on discussed topics and determine possible actions for it. We will make some recommendations based on what we heard, and with that, we have an actionable list of items that can help you forward in your Azure Cloud and Azure DevOps journey.

This workshop can also be a starter for the Azure Cloud Adoption Program.