Free 3 Day Smart UBI Assessment Offer

Zensar Technologies Ltd

Digital Security, Smart Lighting Control, HVAC Control and monitoring, Usage Based Benefits all leveraging the Azure IOT, Edge & AI platform.

FREE 3 Day Assessment Offer Day 0: We learn about your business objectives and share a thorough overview of how our offerings can help achieve your desired goals. Days 1: Objective setting and scope definitions are determined. Brief overview of the current state and the desired future state. We will also determine the impact on your business functions. Days 2: We Work with your technical team(s) to collect the data for the exercise. We then design, plan and document the key guiding principles for Smart UBI efforts. Day 3: We deliver a report outlining a UBI Smart IOT roadmap, timeline and modernization strategy.

By the end of this free assessment, you will have a detailed view of our proposed next steps as well as additional value proposition(s) to choose from Zensar for your complete, end-to-end journey to Smart UBI Services adoption leveraging your Azure IOT and Intelligent Edge Investments. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.