Disaster Recovery Consultation Services:1-Week Imp


Cloud Consultation Services provide a helping hand to address all the challenges that organizations may face while deploying and running Azure environments.

Disaster Recovery 1-week implementation:

Identify Critical Business Processes & Risk: First step is determining any vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure so that you have a real grasp on where the risk lies. Inventory hardware and software: DR plan should include a complete inventory of Hardware and Application. The next point of DR solution is tolerance for downtime and data loss. Evaluate what time an acceptable Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is for each set of application. Create a recovery plan: It is a smart decision to schedule out the time it will take to restore the data. By the doing this, have a clear understanding of how long it will take before business is up and running. Test recovery data plan: Always be sure to test the data recovery plan to ensure that it works properly. Review/ Check the data on a regular basis to be ensure that it is properly backed up and there are no issues. In a disaster scenario, need a documented strategy for how to get back to a working state. Backup Plan: Backup is one strategic component of data protection; others include mirrors, snapshots and replication. Invest some time to collect and organize important files into well-named directories. Some organization generate data quickly. In such cases, a daily backup may not be enough. Hourly backups may be needed. While some organization like to use remote storage, or "cloud" storage, others like the good old fashion USB devices, or local NAS connected to their PC/Mac.Prevent loss of your critical data by ensuring backups are taken frequently and on a regular schedule.

**Estimated price breakup: **Suppose Client has 5 hyper visor VM on premises and he wants DR Solutions, Total Storage is 3TB, IP= 5, Bandwidth =1 tb, azure Site Recovery =5; Cost =INR 21687

Backup: For 2 Azure VM of 500 GB, Retention Policy: 30 DAYS| 4 Week |1 Month Cost= INR 7450

Migration Cost= INR 11000, Total Cost (Estimated)= INR 40,000