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Safe Online ApS

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DataMapper is a data discovery tool that finds sensitive information

DataMapper is a smart data discovery tool that scans your local and cloud-based systems for sensitive information in just a few minutes. It is is a user-friendly, no-code tool, with no IT support required, designed for companies handling sensitive data across various platforms such as email, hard drives, and the cloud. DataMapper grants you a comprehensive view and enhanced control over your sensitive data. It serves as a sensitive data discovery tool, systematically searching for documents, emails, and images containing words and phrases pertinent to compliance. DataMapper can be utilised by your entire workforce or a designated administrator with the capability to scan the entirety of your company's data.


DataMapper is a plug-and-play tool that finds documents, mails and images containing sensitive information across your company’s local or cloud-based systems.

  • Find sensitive files
  • Protect people’s privacy
  • Correct your data processin
  • Avoid fines


With DataMapper you can quickly find files and emails that contain words and terms that should get special protection under the GDPR. Following a scan, you will receive a comprehensive summary of files potentially harboring sensitive information. Administrators can pinpoint areas with inappropriate data handling workflows, facilitating the enhancement of data management practices. Invite all your employees to scan their own locations or run an admin scan for the whole team. You’ll get an overview of files that may contain sensitive information. Preview each file and see why it was flagged. Then you decide what to do with it. Spot inappropriate workflows before they cause problems and continuously improve your data practices.

  1. Scanner - Effortlessly scan your files, emails, and images to identify sensitive words and numbers.
  2. Dashboard - Access a comprehensive overview and essential statistics concerning your files at risk.
  3. Risk Score - Categorise files as high or medium risk based on their potential to contain sensitive data.
  4. Filters - Retrieve lists of files instantly based on type, individuals' names, file age, owner, location, and more.
  5. Insights - Gain detailed insights into each document and email, including file location, creator, and access permissions.
  6. File Manager - Review each file and label it as "OK," or navigate directly to its original storage location to delete, relocate, or restrict access.
  7. Access Control - Administrators can invite users, track employees with the highest exposure to sensitive data, and oversee risk files across the entire organisation.
  8. Reports - Utilise the Power BI tool to generate comprehensive reports on your sensitive data management practices, invaluable for data audits.
  9. Notifications - Receive assistance for data cleanup with notification emails every 14 days, highlighting updates related to sensitive data in your files.
  10. Custom Risk Keywords - Create the privacy search engine that suits your business by adding your own sensitive terms. Or leave out those that are irrelevant to you.

Who can take advantage of DataMapper

Among the professionals within a company that can benefit from using DataMapper are:

  • Data Protection Officers (DPOs): Mitigate compliance risks, automate checks, and generate audit reports

  • IT Managers: Enhance data security by identifying and securing sensitive data

  • Human Resources Managers: Protect employee data and ensure compliance

  • Business Owners and Executives: Make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively using DataMapper's dashboards and reports

Made for your systems

DataMapper integrates with Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint, Google Drive, Google Mail, Azure Blob Storage, Local Drives and Network Drives (Windows Fileshare). And there are several other new integrations on the way.

Who is Safe Online

Safe Online is a Danish SaaS company founded in 2017, dedicated to safeguarding online privacy and personal data. Our headquarters are nestled in the heart of Nørrebro in Copenhagen. Our purpose is to provide individuals and businesses with the tools they need to effectively manage and securely share personal data. We aspire to transform privacy management from a burden into a competitive advantage. By equipping companies with these essential tools, we enable them to bypass the complex, manual, and time-consuming processes associated with managing sensitive information.