Azure Virtual Desktop: 5-Day Implementation


ECF Data offers deployment services of the Azure Virtual Desktop, a Microsoft cloud-based for virtualizing desktops and apps, aiding you to optimize the modern workplace efficiently.

Remove the complexities of virtual desktops and realize the convenience and affordability with Azure Virtual Desktop.

The nature of the business landscape is rapidly changing, and more businesses are adopting remote and hybrid work to provide convenience to both the employee and the organization. However, it comes with certain caveats – security, cost, and adoption, among others. Deploying Azure Virtual Desktop helps your roll out an effective remote/hybrid solution.

ECF Data’s 5-day implementation services include rapid and complete deployment of the Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly known as Windows Virtual Desktop). It benefits your organization with the following benefits:
-Scale up Remote, and Hybrid Support - Any EUC need can be met by AVD while ensuring proper access controls are in place.
-Achieve an Outdated Hardware Refresh - AVD helps businesses leverage the use of different devices, including those with aged devices, and lay a scalable and secure foundation for policies and practices such as BYOD and WFA.
-Reinforce cyber resilience, and cybersecurity - AVD is built with the same security as Microsoft Azure, making you reap all the benefits of backup, database security, identity management, etc.

The 5-day implementation agenda will run the following agenda:

Day 1: Define the Project Scope, Business Targets, and Success Criteria
Day 2: Setup Required Azure Infrastructure and Subscription and AVD Host Pools
Day 3: Publish Required Applications and Desktops and Setup Microsoft 365 Security
Day 4 : Testing of User Acceptance and Scenario validations and Monitoring and Operations
Day 5: Hand-off Training of your IT Teams and Transition to Managed Services.