GitHub Copilot Boost: 2-weeks implementation

Eficode Oy

Accelerate time to market and value delivery through a controlled implementation of GitHub Copilot AI-assisted programming culture throughout the Organisation

Eficode's GitHub Copilot Boost is designed to empower your organization with the full potential of AI-supported programming. Our comprehensive offering enables you to harness the benefits of GitHub Copilot, enhance developer productivity, and drive innovation in your software development processes. 

Here's how our service aligns with your needs and provides tangible value:

  • Enhances developer productivity - GitHub Copilot generates high-quality code suggestions, accelerating development cycles and reducing manual coding efforts.
  • Improves code quality - Benefit from Copilot's advanced AI capabilities to minimize code errors and ensure the delivery of robust software solutions.
  • Fosters collaboration - Enable seamless collaboration among developers by leveraging Copilot's intelligent code generation and sharing features.
  • The implementation’s duration may vary, based on the complexity of your software development environment, the size of your teams, and the desired level of testing and iteration.

Deliverables and outcomes:

  • Define baseline metrics for performance, productivity, and quality
  • Set up Dev environment and install the GitHub Copilot extension
  • Write code or tests, test results functionality, and evaluate results
  • Demonstrate Copilot's ability to generate useful code and present learning opportunities
  • Identify limitations or areas for improvement and determine if Copilot can measurably improve your development
  • Iteration on the project based on data and feedback; continuously optimize software development processes and maximize value

Eficode is your trusted partner in your journey to implementing GitHub Copilot and other Microsoft Azure services. Our experts will tailor the implementation process to your specific requirements, measure success through defined metrics, and guide you towards realizing the maximum value of this powerful software development tool and other Microsoft Azure services.

Contact us now to accelerate your development, improve code quality, and foster seamless collaboration!