ELIoT Pro Manager

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ELIoT Pro Manager

Cyberus Labs sp. z o.o.

LE encryption for RPI’s based environments


ELIoT Pro – is the next generation end-to-end cybersecurity solution. ELIoT Pro provides a device to hub encryption and authentication with proprietary Lightweight Encryption (LE) protocol.

LE allows end-to-end encryption between IoT devices to be robustly authenticated and to communicate securely to (cloud) IoT hubs. 

The minimal computational requirements of LE are ideal for secure communications to the IoT edge devices which run on minimal processing and battery power.

This module is responsible for Licence key distribution. 


Please see the attached diagram.

With registering you will obtain Licence Key, which you can use to:

1. Deploy Lightweight Encryption Client on every azure connected end device, you would like to encrypt.

2. Deploy Lightweight Encryption Server on your IoT hub devices.

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