Spot by NetApp


Spot by NetApp


Continuously optimize and automate your Microsoft Azure infrastructure to deliver apps at scale

Spot by NetApp offers a comprehensive, enterprise-grade portfolio of CloudOps solutions purpose-built to support Azure environments.

Spot’s CloudOps solutions for Azure leverage intelligent automation to scale your Azure infrastructure based on the real-time analysis of the workload requirements of your VMs and AKS clusters, continuously optimizing them for performance, efficiency, and cost. This frees DevOps teams from complexity and inefficiency, improving productivity and driving maximum business performance.

With Spot by NetApp, you get:

1. Actionable Visibility - Move beyond traditional monitoring tools towards solutions that deliver actionable visibility that connects performance, cost, usage, and reliability.

2. Continuous Cost and Infrastructure Optimization - Continuously optimize resources such as VMs and AKS clusters with a cost-efficient balance of resource types that support application performance and reliability.

3. Intelligent Automation - AI/ML-driven automation that delivers predictive infrastructure and application-driven scaling based on real-time analysis of VMs and AKS cluster capacity, performance, availability requirements and policies, together with a cost-optimized balance of instance types and purchasing options (reserved, spot, on-demand).

Spot by NetApp’s CloudOps solutions for Azure include:

Spot Elastigroup - Enables cost-optimized, highly available and automated infrastructure scaling for Azure virtual machines (VMs). By making Azure spot VMs consistent and stateful, Spot Elastigroup unlocks up to 90% compute savings compared to Azure on-demand pricing, or 10X more VMs for the same budget – even for stateful and mission-critical workloads.

Spot Ocean - Delivers an enterprise-ready serverless engine container experience to Azure. Spot Ocean solves many of the challenges that come with building applications with Kubernetes: optimizing performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency; automating and simplifying infrastructure management; and improving continuous deployment of applications at scale. With Spot Ocean, DevOps teams can "set and forget" the underlying Azure spot VM cluster.

Spot Eco - Flexible savings management service that leverages cloud commitments. Using automation, deep analytics, forecasting models, and human oversight, Eco helps define your savings strategy and purchases the optimal fleet of commitments for you. Eco uses real-time utilization tracking to identify any decrease in usage so that instances can adjusted as needed.

Fee Calculation:

The customer’s monthly fee, Actual Monthly Fees and Actual Fees (as applicable) shall be calculated based on customer’s actual usage each month, as follows:

Elastigroup and Ocean

For customer’s use of Microsoft Azure (“Azure”) or other cloud providers On-Demand instances, monthly fee will be equal to X US$ per virtual central processing unit (“vCPU”) hour. The number of monthly vCPU hours the customer uses is equal to the number of vCPUs that the customer allocates to each Ocean managed node multiplied by the number of hours each node runs each month, as determined by the customer. plus:

For the customer’s use of Azure spot virtual machines (“VMs”) or other cloud providers spot instances and/or spot or preemptible VMs, the monthly fee will be equal to the agreed charge per US$ per 1 US$ Savings (as defined in the Documentation) realized by customer each month.


For Azure reserved Instances (“RIs”), savings plans (“SPs”) and reserved capacity (“RC”) and/or other cloud providers RIs, SPs, RC or committed usage discounts, the monthly fee will be equal to the agreed charge per 1 US$ Savings (as defined in the Documentation) realized by customer each month.