IAM For Success: 7-Day Assessment

ITC Secure Ltd

ITC Secure and Condatis are offering an end-to-end identity assessment focusing on how your organisation secures and manages internal and external identities.

Digital identity plays a crucial part in your overall IT security, whether it’s managing roles and digital access for your support staff or providing account-management capabilities for your customers that interact with your digital services.

Every digital service you offer acts as a digital front door to your organisation. While the opportunities to provide an excellent customer experience are vast – the risk to your security can become even more extensive. With recent innovations like decentralised identity, organisations are striving to enhance the experiences of both their internal users and their external customers. Organisations can use identity solutions such as Azure AD B2C to improve online transactions, authenticate users, and provide additional layers of security with biometric advancements.

As organisations collaborate across their business, delivering services and creating tailored experiences for external users such as customers, partners and vendors, keeping data and identities secure is critical but knowing where to begin isn’t always straightforward.

ITC Secure, in partnership with Condatis, will cut through the complexity by undertaking a systematic review of internal and external identity capabilities within your organisation. We will run a series of workshops using a combined approach and provide you with a scoring system derived from Microsoft best practices to identify your current state. The assessment is combined with a prioritised set of actionable recommendations and the benefits to your organisation, highlighting the Azure products and features already paid for that you can leverage further.

Through this assessment, you will understand where to begin on your journey to effective identity management, identify gaps, and advise on the next steps so you can take action. ITC Secure and Condatis will provide a bespoke assessment to look for vulnerabilities, spot areas for process improvements, and offer insights to enhance user experience. Together we will deliver a roadmap that focuses on inclusiveness and accessibility, helping drive customer growth and loyalty.

The assessment will include:

  • 1x ½ day virtual/on-site workshop: identity fundamentals on Azure
  • 1x ½ day virtual/ on-site workshop: identity requirements in your business context to pinpoint where you are in your identity journey
  • 1x ½ day virtual/on-site workshop: future roadmap whiteboard solution design
  • Documentation

  • An IAM Strategy for Success document and Identity Maturity Scoring Model indicating what improvements you could make and what opportunities await you.
  • Situational Analysis

  • Workshops with key stakeholders
  • Structured interview process ensuring coverage of entire identity landscape
  • Maturity model linked back to Microsoft best practice
  • Focus on Visibility

  • Clear and objective measure of identity maturity
  • Understand identity posture in detail
  • Metrics for tracking of identity maturity over time
  • Actionable Recommendations

  • Prioritised actions for your organisation
  • Recommendations aligned to organisational needs and Microsoft best practice
  • Links to show objective benefit against your maturity score
  • Identity maturity Score based on Microsoft Best Practice
  • Gain a clear understanding of your current identity posture
  • Focus attention on areas that will benefit most
  • A strategy for success
  • About ITC Secure

    ITC Secure is an advisory-led cyber security services company. We have a 25+ year track record of delivering business-critical services to over 300 blue-chip organisations – bringing together the best minds in security, a relentless focus on customer service and advanced technological expertise to help businesses succeed. With our integrated delivery model, proprietary platform and customer-first mindset, we work as an extension of your team throughout your cyber journey and always think not only about you, but also your customers and the reputation of your brand. ITC Secure is a certified Great Place to Work® and is headquartered in London, UK. With a dynamic balance of the best in people, technology and governance, we make cyber resilience your competitive advantage.

    About Condatis

    Condatis is a UK leader for bespoke external identity solutions that streamline IT infrastructures to drive growth, reduce friction and improve security. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and specialise in Azure Active Directory B2C consultancy and custom integration. Condatis is one of only five global partners chosen by Microsoft to assist customers with Azure AD Verifiable Credentials implementation. We support our customers’ technical team to guide them through strategy, design, deployment, and technology support. Our tailored solutions facilitate innovation for our clients, helping build safer digital services and journeys.