Microsoft Sentinel Smart Ingestion; 4-Day Assessment

ITC Secure Ltd

Align your security posture and understand your data, agent deployment and Microsoft Azure usage options to optimise investments within Microsoft Sentinel.

Microsoft Sentinel is a powerful tool, however to maximise its benefits and your total cost of ownership, there is a need to continually ‘right size’ and tune your data sources, agent deployment, usage options, and your Microsoft Azure ingestion policies to align with your business’s security and risk posture.

This does not mean enabling every single data source to send the maximum amount of information or copying traditional NOC/SOC/SIEM ingestion practices. Ingestion of log data can become expensive and require significant effort and resources to sift through the information to glean the right intelligence that drives correct responses. Therefore, maintaining control of Microsoft Azure ingestion levels without compromising your policies on risk and compliance is key, and getting this right greatly improves your Microsoft Sentinel effectiveness.

This is Smart Ingestion, and ITC Secure can tailor your data sources to gather the correct amount of information at the right time and Microsoft Azure usage and options can further be tuned “up or down” depending on known threats.