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Datameer is an end-to-end self-service analytics platform built for Hadoop.

Datameer offers analysts an interactive way to discover, analyze, and visualize the results on Big Data. Pull in additional data sources easily to discover new relationships and get the answers you need quickly.

Data Integration — No ETL

Eliminating the bottleneck and high cost of traditional ETL, Datameer helps users quickly combine disparate data with wizard-driven integration of any data. Free your structured and un-structured data from static schemas and preserve the fidelity of even your largest datasets.

Data Analytics — As simple as a spreadsheet

Apply 270+ pre-built, point-and-click functions, from simple joins and filters to advanced sentiment analysis and predictive analytics (via PMML) to analyze any data. You can get started quickly with optional machine learning Smart AnalyticsTM, or write your own functions in Java, R, Python, etc.

Data Visualization — Drag and drop

The Infographic Designer gives you a blank canvas to share analysis with drag-and-drop charts and graphs, text, shapes, and images to create a custom dashboard consumable in any browser or device.

Data Governance — Enterprise grade

Datameer, with governance features that tracks end-to-end data lineage, enables data quality, policies, security and privacy, regulatory compliance, and retention.