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Omni-Gen™ Master Data Management Edition

Information Builders
A Unified Platform for Integrating, Cleansing, and Mastering Information
Omni-Gen™ Master Data Management Edition

Master Data Management Edition is the culmination of our Omni-Gen Platform and includes everything in the Data Quality and Integration Editions, adding technology such as automated match/merge as needed for data mastering.

Use Embedded Best Practices for Rapid Results

Omni-Gen is designed to facilitate efficient integration and mastering of data by tapping into businesspeople’s knowledge of domains such as customer, location, supplier, and so on.

Easily Identify Record-Data Origination and Audit

Develop golden records for key business entities by creating a single, accurate, web-accessible reference point for all common data elements.

Enhance Information From Any Source

Master Data Management Edition provides seamless integration and the ability to interact with existing systems and data structures, to enable the rapid consolidation of millions of records according to easily defined business rules.

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