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Logtrust Log Management

A real-time Big Data cloud technology platform

Our technology allows access to the levels of security that companies require for their cloud or mixed environment (datacentre + cloud). We offer a combination of technology, working model, services and prices that allow any business, regardless of size or server location, the luxury of knowing they have a safe environment to develop their security, monitoring and regulatory compliance, specific to their need. BUILDING A TRUSTWORTHY CLOUD logtrust aims to eliminate obstacles such as a lack of security and control in order to aid in the implement of cloud technology

- Real Time: Everything is done in real time: from event collection, to the query, correlation, dashboards updates and delivery of alerts and reports

- No time degradation: It doesnt matter if the information has been stored for 10 years or 10 seconds, this will not affect the efficiency of your search and queries - Pure SaaS: No costs for administrative personnel; No costs for licenses; No costs for maintenance; No CAPEX, only OPEX; Pay as you go; High, automatic scalability; Access and correlation from all over the world You need a subscription. Visit

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