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StorReduce reduces your cloud storage costs for Azure Blob Storage, typically by 50-95%

StorReduce’s on-cloud inline block level global deduplication software for unstructured data reduces your Azure Blob Storage costs typically by 50-95%.

StorReduce is particularly effective at reducing backup, archive, big data with copying and general unstructured data. It is extremely fast, handles enterprise volumes of data and has an S3 interface which enables your data to be natively accessed by industry standard cloud services.

StorReduce’s virtual machine can also be installed on premises to deduplicate backups before they are migrated to Azure Blob Storage. With StorReduce the backups can be reduced by 20 - 40x for the second and subsequent backups with a similar reduction in transmission time. So StorReduce often enables you to fit your backups to cloud over your existing Internet connection and into your backup window. Plus you generally achieve a 50-95% reduction in the volume of data to be stored on cloud, resulting in ongoing cost savings.

StorReduce is integrated with NetBackup 7.7, EMC CloudArray and other backup technologies, so you can migrate data with a mere configuration change.