AvePoint Cloud Records

AvePoint Inc.

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AvePoint Cloud Records

AvePoint Inc.

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Easily manage your information lifecycle with AvePoint Cloud Records

Advanced information management with Cloud Records, AvePoint’s centralized platform for both electronic and physical records

All your content, under complete control.

Organizations worldwide are moving to the cloud in pursuit of digital collaboration, IT agility, and on-the-go access. But digital transformation inherently leads to content sprawl, which brings with it a greater exposure to risk, increased compliance challenges, and rising storage costs. So how can you enable a comprehensive information management strategy to achieve operational efficiency and compliance? Cloud Records can help!

With AvePoint Cloud Records, you can can easily automate business rules to manage your entire content lifecycle—from creation to classification and retention. Electronic content from Microsoft 365, SharePoint on-premises, Exchange Online, social media, and file systems is managed directly alongside physical records, achieving quantifiable business outcomes without user intervention. Plus, delegated administration allows defined groups or users to manage content repositories and access security-trimmed search results and reporting. Give Cloud Records a try with a free, 30-day trial.

Backed by AvePoint’s powerful security and governance framework, Cloud Records is FedRAMP (moderate) Authorized, IRAP Assessed, and VERS and NARA compliant.

Key Benefits/Features:

Information Lifecycle Management

• Manage content from several electronic sources, as well as physical records, in a centralized SaaS platform.

• Apply information classification to content automatically and apply multiple rules to a single classification

• Oversee information lifecycle from creation to destruction or archival, actioning content from a modern, intuitive interface.

• Manage records management outcomes from a centralized dashboard that displays number of managed items, destroyed records, outstanding tasks, and more

Optimize Storage Costs

• Reduce data storage costs and mitigate overage fees by applying automated retention and disposal rules to manage your Microsoft 365, Exchange Online, SharePoint on-premises, and file systems data.

• Manage content that has been moved to an archival repository, including Azure Blob.

• Maintain oversight with built-in reporting and auditing.

Comply with Regulatory or Organizational Standards

• Achieve compliance with your company’s own policies as well as rapidly changing regulatory requirements at the local, state, and federal level.

• Implement robust information management practices to ensure that you’re not holding on to too much—or too little—information.

• Use advance search to quickly locate information, and easily dispose of unnecessary content in a defensible way

Improve Productivity and User Experience

• Give your end users a better experience by lifting the burden of information management off their shoulders.

• Plus, with employees spending less time searching for data or re-creating content that can’t be found, you’ll see productivity gains, as well.

Please Note: After purchasing a subscription, you must sign up for the product with a Microsoft 365 Global Admin Account to consent to applications from AvePoint. If you sign up with a user account, the “Need admin approval” page will appear to require an admin to grant permission to the application.