Shopizer - SurPaaS OpenSaaS

Corent Technology Inc.

Shopizer - SurPaaS OpenSaaS

Corent Technology Inc.

Shopizer is a cost effective e-commerce solution that enables you to go big with your online store.

Using Shopizer, you can create online stores, marketplaces, product listings, and much more using its secure, fast, and reliable e-commerce engine. Shopizer is available with both English and French user interface for compliance with Canadian regulations.

Shopizer provides e-commerce functionalities such as:

  1. Product catalog

    • Create catalogs with multiple product categories and as many items per category as desired

    • Sort by default, name or price

  2. Shopping cart

    • Easy to use shopping cart with quantity adjustments, promotional code support, featured item support and checkout process

    • Support for separate shipping and billing addresses

    • Support for multiple payment methods ( Ex: credit card, PayPal, Money Order

    • Custom Terms and Conditions agreement

    • Support for Test Mode

  3. Order fulfillment

    • FAQ page

    • Order summary and Store Pickup option

  4. Content management

    • Manage Product descriptions and pictures

    • Manage product categories

    • Manage administrative content ( Terms and Conditions, FAQs, Contact Us, Register pages, etc. )

  5. Payment management

    • Support for popular payment mechanisms ( Ex Stripe, PayPal, credit card as well ans cheque or money order )

Shopizer is offered in this OpenSaaS solution so that you can immediately and cost effectively set up an e-commerce presence through a monthly subscription. The OpenSaaS Initiative™ takes open source software and offers it as SaaS so that anyone can subscribe and use the application. In addition anyone can become a SaaS Provider by subscribing to Corent’s SaaSOps™ and offering the open source application of their choice to the public as SaaS, adding their own expertise in support, marketing or training. The OpenSaaS Initiative is on a mission to enable entrepreneurs to become a SaaS Provider and spread the power and benefits of open source without the need for them or their subscribers to have sophisticated technical knowledge for installing, operating and maintaining cloud applications.