DevOps with Azure Automation Jumpstart: 2-Wk PoC

Coeo Ltd

Implement DevOps practices to improve agility, collaboration and productivity.

Are you:

  • Planning to deploy to Azure for the first time?
  • Trying to understand how DevOps can fit into your business?
  • Grappling with automated build and release?

DevOps has taken the world by storm, unifying software development (Dev) and software operation (Ops). The DevOps movement strongly advocates automation and monitoring at all steps of the lifecycle from development, integration, testing and releasing, to deployment and infrastructure management.

DevOps enables shorter development cycles and increased deployment frequency, resulting in more dependable releases that align closely to business objectives.

Microsoft Azure is built with this in mind, providing the whole DevOps team with the ability to automate everything. Entire environment deployment for applications can be completed in minutes, while the repeatability to build and destroy environments quickly and easily increases the quality of the whole process, giving greater consistency. Collaboration is encouraged with single-source code repositories for infrastructure and application code, allowing the Dev and Ops teams to come together to solve the biggest business challenges effectively and efficiently.

##Coeo’s Approach##

To do this, we:

  • Assess your current development and operations processes and the technologies and solutions you use.
  • Model how this could be enriched with DevOps using Visual Studio Team Services and Azure.
  • Select an appropriate pilot application or resource and create an automated build and release pipeline for the selected pilot workload.
  • Create a presentation of the DevOps solution with a set of strategic next steps for you to share with your team.

##The benefits## The Jumpstart will:

  • Demonstrate the benefits of deploying to Azure
  • Demystify the DevOps process, unlocking increased productivity, agility and collaboration
  • Provide a tangible solution that will be a framework for future projects