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Actifio Sky

Data Virtualization for Hybrid Cloud - Rapid Data Access for DevOps, Instant Recovery & Cloud Backup
Actifio helps enterprises move faster to Microsoft Azure, to use the cloud for business resiliency and agility use cases from DR to DevOps. By virtualizing application data, Actifio lets customers move, use, and protect data across a hybrid cloud environment, making it instantly available to approved users, anywhere.

For organizations facing pressure to leverage on-demand cloud resources, particularly Azure, Actifio provides safe on-ramps to the cloud, allowing IT teams to free themselves from the problem of "data gravity," where data is stuck in on-premises siloed hardware, such as expensive deduplication appliances, tape backup or VTL systems, or even expensive storage arrays.

Want to...

  • Instantly recover application data for disaster recovery in the cloud?
  • Speed up development & analytics cycles by provisioning virtual copies of SQL Server or other databases to test, dev, DevOps & BI teams?
  • Vault or backup data to Azure?
  • Accelerate Azure adoption, while retaining data & cloud mobility?

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