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ActiveEon Workload Scheduler

Build your Workflows from GUI and API. Schedule all your Workload. Execute on Hybrid resources.

The ActiveEon Workload Scheduler service provides Workflows to build enterprise processing, Job Scheduling to optimize the execution of all Workloads, integrated with the management of distributed compute resources.

Workflows defining workloads can be built in SaaS mode from a portal as well as from various APIs. The Scheduler let you manage complex multi-application workloads, with data-management, priorities, security, fault-tolerance, and high-availability. Resource management lets you optimize VMs usage and scale up and down with elasticity from just a few to over 10 000 VM’s. Unique features are the capacity to manage heterogeneous environments (Azure, but also in-house VMware, ESX, OpenStack, Hyper-V, as well as physical machines). Linux, Windows, Mac, HP-UX, Centos, AIX, AS400, RHEL, etc. are supported.

Typical applications are in Finance, IT processing, data analysis and transformation (e.g. ETL, big data), Engineering, and Biotech. Ready to use with Web portals, a rich set of APIs also makes it the perfect service for developers willing to integrate ActiveEon scheduler in a large platform.